How does the program work?

YES includes video of 120 jobs. Each video shows 2 to 4 minutes of critical tasks involved in a job. Video was recorded at community employment sites across the nation. Participants can search for preferred employment in one of two ways, "Search by Work Conditions" or "Search by Job Tasks".

In the "Search by Work Conditions" section, the participant first makes decisions on preferred work environments (such as inside versus outside work, working with the public or working alone, etc.). On the basis of these decisions, a participant then views 20 jobs matching preferred work conditions and makes additional selections. For any pair of jobs, the participant can select one of the two jobs, neither job, or both jobs.

Participants can also select jobs according to preferred tasks, such as telephone work, computers, heavy equipment, animal care, human services, etc. By categorizing jobs according to types of tasks, the program can be used either for selecting preferences or gathering information about various facets of jobs.

For each job in the program, the participant can click on the "more info" link and access additional information. Some of the information available includes training and qualifications, earnings and benefits, job outlook, similar jobs, and photos of representative job tasks.

The program includes ways to recheck selected jobs to assess consistency, a second set of job pairings, and links to numerous web sites related to employment.